Katina Chester
Owner of KidzArt Kailua/Certified KidzArt Instructor and Trainer

I grew up loving art, like most kids, and taught myself to draw as well as I could as a child. When I discovered the KidzArt program and it's proven instructional methods, I was immediately drawn to it because it is something I wish I'd been able to do as a kid! I graduated from the Naval Academy with a B.S. in Oceanography, served in the Navy, and then earned a teaching license for secondary mathematics. After many moves around the country and having my children, I opened KidzArt Kailua in 2013. The world needs creative and innovative people, and that's what makes KidzArt important to our community. My own three kids take KidzArt classes and love them. It's not necessarily about becoming a famous artist; it's about the process, learning as much as you can, and having the confidence to create something you see in your mind because you have the skills to do it. It is a most rewarding thing to watch a student "get" something, and grow in their abilities from one week to the next. Creativity can be taught, and every child and adult deserves time for themselves to be creative and learn something new.



Lei Rogala
Certified KidzArt Instructor

I first started teaching art as an art docent volunteer when my kids were in elementary school. Although I have a background in engineering and computer software, my real passion is for art and teaching. Itʻs great to see students learn skills and techniques then be able to use them in innovative ways on artworks. Over the years, I have seen how important art education is to studentʻs creativity and confidence. I love that KidzArt Kailua embraces these ideas and brings them to the Hawaiʻi community.



Asia Di Antonio
Certified KidzArt Instructor

Asia Marie Di Antonio is a local artist that was born and raised in Kailua. From a young age, Asia's whole life revolved around art. from coloring murals on her bedroom wall, to competing and winning in elementary based art shows. In high school Asia was nominated to do a TEDX talk at Punahou School about the importance of keeping art in education. At the same time Asia started to intern at local elementary schools to teach children art. In college, Asia studied and mastered her own style in drawing, painting, sculpture, and print making, This resulted in hosting and attending many local art shows, starting a small clothing line called BEAUHINA, and starting a small freelance company for designing websites, business cards and logos. Asia has a strong passion for teaching people how to do art. Working with all of the KidzART students has given Asia her absolute dream job!